Hello and welcome to the Jeff Jenkins Lessons website.  This website is essentially two websites for the price of one.  There is a bluegrass curriculum and a swing/jazz curriculum.

The bluegrass curriculum will walk you step by step through the different positions and scales that players like Tony Rice, Clarance White and Doc Watson use when they are creating solos.  The videos are geared for what I would consider an upper beginner lower intermediate level.  If you can switch your open chord forms and have been trying to play the melodies on old time fiddle tunes then you are going to feel right at home with these videos.

Level 1 will take you through the basic positions in the keys of G and C.  Each video will introduce you to a scale then there will be several examples of how the scale is actually played over songs.  Essentially we are grouping all the songs in a particular key, G for instance, as one situation.  Once you understand what is possible over the key you will be able to apply what you've learned to any song in the key of G.  Level 2 will take the concepts in Level 1 and start applying them to specific tunes.  Through this method you will learn how to think like a musician so you too can begin to create music of your own.

The swing/jazz curriculum will teach you the scales and concepts used by players like Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery.  In Level 1 we will discuss playing swing rhythm.  These videos will teach you the chords in a key, chord substitutions, how to transpose keys and an in depth discussion on how chords move.  Level 2 will  teach you the basic scales and arpeggios that you will need before applying them to specific tunes in Level 3.  My goal is to add one video per week to both curriculums.

This website is essentially a video library in which you will pay a monthly subscription and have unlimited access to the entire video library.  Please take the time to review the free sample lessons, I hope you benefit from them and decide to subscribe to the site.
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Hi Everybody!!  I've put up the final video for Stompin At The Savoy!  Hope you enjoy it!